Fixing Common RV Problems When Travelling

There’s no doubt that traveling in an RV is exciting, especially when you’re going for a long vacation with your family and friends. RVing provides thrill and fun and as well as convenience and relaxation as it serves as your temporary accommodation while you’re away from home. The only setback is when it starts to have problems along the way, leaving you with no clue what to do. Don’t fret; below are some of the common RV problems you may encounter and how to solve them.


RV Problems and Solutions

1- Flat or Blown-out Tire

Having a flat tire along the way can be very dangerous, particularly if you’re making your way on rough roads. This can be easily avoided by checking each of your tires before traveling and avoiding bumpy tracks.

Solution: Always bring a spare tire along with its changing equipment with you wherever you go. Make sure to pull-over immediately once you notice there’s something wrong to prevent any accidents.

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2 – Bathroom Dilemma

Problems in the RV bathroom are common, especially when you’ve had your camper for years. Bathroom trouble is caused by buildup, leaks, etc., which can be pretty stressful and, of course, disgusting. It can also make the mobile smell when it’s all blocked up. Not a pretty picture, especially when you need to go and use it. Prevent this by making sure the toilet is free from toilet paper and crud. Using a holding tank treatment can also help ease the problem.

Solution: Check to see if there is a leak in your toilet. It may be due to the worn-out rubber seal around the large valve. Another cause of this issue can be the water valve. Replacing both can do the trick.


3 – Battery Trouble

Though a common RV problem, Battery failure will end your happy trip in a snap. This is the reason why you should always inspect your fluid levels during the journey. Bringing also a gallon of distilled water may come in handy in case it is needed. Use protective gear such as gloves and goggles is a must when checking to prevent accidents.

Solution: Battery failure is easy to solve. Just plug the rig of your RV into an AC power supply to fully charge it. If it doesn’t charge, battery replacement must be done.


4 – Broken Water Line

A busted water line can be prevented by making sure that the water tanks are empty. Drain it regularly and check to see the weather temperature when it begins to get cold outside. Placing an anti-free to its water lines can prevent it from cracking during the winter season.

Solution: Using a seal lubricant and applying it to the broken water line will do the job. If it doesn’t then you might need to replace it.

5 – Accumulated Filth

You’ll notice an excessive amount of sand dirt is present in your RV. This is impossible to prevent as it comes with traveling. This is really a no biggie as there are a number of ways to lessen the sand and dirt going into your camper.

Solution: The easiest way is to remove or take off your shoes as well as your family’s shoes when they are entering the RV. If their feet are dirty, you can use a dishpan that is filled with water and place it next to the steps of your camper. This can be used to rinse their feet before entering. Placing outdoor rugs also helps in reducing the dirt that is brought in the RV. Lastly, storing a stick vacuum is a must for quick and easy floor cleaning when you travel.

To Sum It Up

Traveling on the road with an RV by yourself or along with your family is one fun way to go on a vacation to explore different places you want. It provides you with all your needs in a very convenient way. The thing is you’ll never know when accidents will happen especially when this involves problems with your RV.

This is the reason why it is essential to know about what these problems are and how to deal with them when it occurs. Preparation is always the key to safe and successful travel during your vacation. Try these quick and simple tips and have fun with your RV!!