CD_Vision's Arcade Controls Page

CD_Vision's Arcade Controls Page

Look what you can play with your own arcade controls!

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Make these Bad Boys at home!!!

I like arcade games, therefore, I like arcade controls. If you like arcade controls, you might like this page. It is about how to build your own real arcade joystick controls for your PC and home console video games, in my case, the Sega Dreamcast, and the Sony Playstation. The Playstation controls will also work on Playstation 2. Any of the projects shown can be tailored to any game console or PC, including Macs, Saturn, N64, NES, SNES, Genesis, TurboGrafX, Atari, seriously, you name it you can do it, and pretty much the same way, in any combination. It is possible to make a controller that is multi-platform compatible if you have the desire to do it.

I am experimenting with Analog buttons, but for now all I have are Digital joystick and button instructions.

Two Player Scratch-Built Joystick
MasSystems Super.Pro.Stick Clone

This site contains step by step directions on how to perform what is known as a "Pad Hack", which means taking apart, and soldering wires to a controller to make it work with an arcade Joystick and Buttons. The examples given are for the Sega Dreamcast, and the Sony Playstation. Just substitute the pad of your choice and you can make it work on any other console or PC.

I didn't come up with this idea on my own. Much of the work shown on this page can be attributed to Matt Staroscik's Build Your Own Arcade Controls page. The control panel was made with ideas in the Build Your Own Arcade Controls FAQ. (They are not the same two places.)

Sound interesting? Here's how to get started. The pictures above show a couple of the joysticks I've made. Click the link for information on how to make your own!

Let's go to The Projects!!

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